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Are people leaving the church because they reject the faith or because they're rejecting the faith they've seen? Through stories of real people featured in the book Inciting Incidents, this theatre-of-the-mind experience guides listeners through several life-altering moments in hopes that many will come to see unexpected turns as necessary ingredients for deeper peace and enormous growth that will draw them closer to God instead of push Him away.

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Also, on radio : Friday, September 14 at 9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 15 at 2 p.m.,
and Sunday, Sept. 16 at 5 p.m.

Inciting Incidents David Wenzel Incident 1: David Wenzel has just received news his life will end in a matter of years but this doesn’t stop him from turning a tragedy into a good story.
Inciting Incidents Incident 2: As a teenager the last thing Tracee Persiko expected when walking out of the shower was to find her mother weeping and her father nowhere to be seen.
Inciting Incidents Blaine Hogan Incident 3: Already successful in his stage career, the future looks promising for Blaine Hogan; that is, until his life spins out of control en route to a show and forces him to deal with a troubling past.
Inciting Incidents Jeff Goins Incident 4: Jeff Goins' eye‐opening day with a homeless man wrecks him to the point of no longer being prone to sitting on the sidelines.


Exclusives with Inciting Incidents Contributors

Inciting Incidents Blaine Hogan Already successful in his stage career, the future looks promising for Blaine Hogan; that is, until his life spins out of control en route to a show and forces him to deal with a troubling past.
Inciting Incidents David Hickman

Embarrassed by his life-term condition, David Hickmansuppress reality through perfectionism and busyness until God breaks him and gives him a new freedom. 

Inciting Incidents Mandy Thompson Struggling with the emotional pain of infertility, Mandy Thompson sinks into a depressive state where she finds an unlikely gift.


Meet the Host

Chris FabryChris Fabry is the host of Chris Fabry Live!, two hours of spiritual encouragement from his backyard radio fence. The program challenges listeners to think biblically about their spiritual journeys. Chris is also the author of the Christy Award-winning novel DogwoodJune Bug and 2011 ECPA Christian Book Award-winner in the Fiction category, Almost Heaven. He and his family live near Tucson, Ariz. To find out more, please visit Chris's website. To hear more from Inciting Incidents Host Chris Fabry, listen to his daily program Chris Fabry Live!

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Inciting Incidents Book

About the Book

Inciting Incidents  combines the unique stories from six creatives (artists, musicians, writers, thinkers, and leaders) managing the tensions between their faith, their place in life, and their work as artists. It is a collective call to face life's imperfections and difficulties while attempting to do the great things we all want to do. By capturing this next generation's battle between idealism and reality—which is where so many of us find ourselves existing each day—these storytellers pave the way for a better understanding of those moments that truly shape us.


Continue the Experience

Continue the experience at IncitingIncidents.org. You'll find the contributors' blogs, a timeline of the Inciting Incidents project and a place to share your own story.

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