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Silver Ring Thing - Odessa

September 7, 2017

Event Information

Sponsor:Oasis Pregnancy Center, Moody Radio, and The CleanCare Team
Time:7-9 p.m.
Schedule:There will also be a parent’s session beginning at 7 p.m., which is designed to help parents support their child’s decision.


Venue:The Church at Odessa
Address:1234 Gunn Highway


Cost:Free - RSVP for seats (an optional ring is available for $20)

Additional Details

Other Information:

The SRT tour team, a group of 20-somethings from across the U.S., encourages students to control their bodies and hold out for something better – sexual intimacy within the bonds of marriage. During a high-energy, action packed event, tour team members share their stories of success, failure, forgiveness and hope using skits, humor, drama, commercial parodies and personal testimonies.

This event is designed for teenagers but is also relevant to college and young adult ages.

Additional Details

Information Phone Number:412-424-2425
Information E-mail:lisa@silverringthing.com
Information Website:Visit Website
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